The Best Torrent Apps for Android

You take your android smartphone everywhere. Now you can download torrents on the go. These are the best Torrent apps for Android phones and tablets.

We handpicked the apps that offer the most functionality, including VPN/Proxy support, magnet link support, streaming ability, and more. Most are available in a free (ad-supported version). There are even several apps available that let you remotely control your torrent software on your home computer, all from your smartphone.

We highly recommend you Anonymize your torrent downloads to your Android smartphone with a high quality mobile VPN or anonymous proxy service.

And now… our top picks!


Flud Torrent Downloader for Android

Flud topped our list because of their immense feature list, especially privacy-related features like encryption and proxy support.

Flud is extremely powerful and intuitive. If you want maximum functionality, we recommend you check them out first. Find Flud in the google play store. Best of all, it’s Free! (Ad-supported). They also have an Ad-free version available for purchase.

Flud’s best features:

  • RSS Feed Support
  • Magnet Link Support
  • Only download specific files within torrent
  • Large file support
  • HTTP and SOCKS proxy support
  • Encryption built-in
  • Peer Exchange and uTP (uTorrent Transfer Protocol) support
  • IP Filtering
  • Plug and Play Support (UPnP, NAT-PMP, DHT)

Flud’s proxy support means you can easily download torrents anonymously with one of our favorite torrent proxy services.

Even better, choose Private Internet Access and get VPN and Proxy service together for only $3.49/month.


tTorrent app for Android

Like Flud, tTorrent is a full-featured torrent app for android. It offers tons of extra features and added control that you won’t find in other android torrent apps. 

Among are our favorite features are: encryption support, proxy support (SOCKS or HTTP), wifi only mode, and the ability to download individual files instead of all files in a torrent.

tTorrent offers both a free (ad-supported) and Pro (no ads) version.

tTorrent’s best features:

  • Magnet Links
  • Create and share torrents right from mobile device
  • Encryption support
  • Streaming support (sequential download mode)
  • Download individual files from inside torrent
  • Wifi only mode (don’t waste mobile data)
  • Proxy support (SOCKS5 and HTTP)
  • Plug and Play (uPNP, NAT-PMP) support
  • DHT Capable
  • IP Filtering

#3 uTorrent for Android

The Best Torrent Apps for Android 1
uTorrent for Android

uTorrent is most popular desktop torrent client in the world, so it’s no surprise that their Android app is also excellent. uTorrent offers both a free and paid version. The Pro Version costs $3.99 and removes all ads, along with adding a couple other features like low-battery mode. The only real drawback of uTorrent vs our top 2 ranked apps is that uTorrent doesn’t currently offer proxy support.

uTorrent Remote is another great app (also by uTorrent) that allows you to remotely control your desktop version of uTorrent from your smartphone. You can start torrents (seeding or leaching), stop downloads, and more. And the best feature? You can easily move completed downloads from your PC to your Android device!

Best uTorrent Features:

  • Magnet Link Support
  • Wifi Only Mode (so you don’t use up your 4G data)
  • Lightweight, clean interface
  • Select individual files or download the whole torrent
  • Instantly create playlists from downloaded torrents
  • custom download location
  • Integrated video and audio players inside app.

Best uTorrent remote features:

  • Control uTorrent on your home PC from your smartphone.
  • Start/Stop torrents or check download status
  • Easily transfer completed files to your android device.

#4 aTorrent – Torrent Downloader

aTorrent has been a favorite Android torrent client for years.  It’s incredibly feature-rich and gives you almost the same flexibility as desktop torrent software.

The only feature we were really missing was SOCKS/HTTP proxy support, which allows for extremely anonymous torrent downloads via android. We’re holding out hope that this future will be added in a future version, as this developer seems committed to continuously improving the app.

The free version of aTorrent is fully functional, and you need only buy the pro version if  you want to remove the advertisements (or just to support the developer). 

Our favorite aTorrent features:

  • Magnet Link Support (Open magnet links from your browser)
  • Torrent Search Engine built in
  • Start a new torrent from your file library
  • Choose download folder
  • Download individual files inside a torrent
  • Wifi-Only Option (don’t waste mobile data)
  • Plugged-in-only option (only download torrents when device is charging)

#5 TransDrone: Universal torrent remote

Transdrone remote torrent manager for android
Transdrone can remotely manage your torrents from any major torrent client, including: uTorrent, Vuze, and even torrent clients from popular NAS and router brands.
Transdrone isn’t really a torrent client, it’s an app that lets you control your home bittorrent server remotely, and it’s functionality is massive.

Universal Torrent Client Remote
Transdrone can remotely control all of the most popular desktop torrent clients, including: Vuze, uTorrent/BitTorrent, Deluge, QBittorrent, BitFlu, BitComet, Transmission (to name a few)!

Remote Torrent Client Features
Trandrone for Android gives you nearly full control over the torrent software running on your home computer. You can stop/start torrents, add new torrents from your Android browser window (magnet links supported), set download/upload speeds, change file priority and more!

NAS Remote Control
Even more awesome is Transdrone can control the custom torrent downloading software of several NAS (Network Attached Storage) companies, allowing you to remotely control your own private seedbox. Synology, Buffalo, and D-Link hardward are supported at this time.

Seedbox Remote
Transdrone fully supports the TorrentFlux protocol, which means you can manage virtually any seedbox account from your smartphone!

Wrapping up: The best Android torrent apps

All of these apps will help you download torrents quickly on reliably on your Android device. But a few are clearly stand out from the crowd in terms of their features and performance.

For my money, Flud (even the free version) and tTorrent are both excellent. I consider them vastly superior to apps from even larger companies like uTorrent’s official app.

Plus, they’re the only two with proxy support, to protect your torrent IP address.

Do you have a favorite Android torrent app? Let us know in the comments below!

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