The best VPNs for Australia (for Torrents & Streaming)

Broadband internet in Australia faces a unique set of challenges (being an island and all).

And things get even trickier if you’re going to be downloading torrents frequently or want to access US-based streaming catalogs like Netflix & Hulu.

Not only are internet providers cracking down on these uses (especially torrents) but Aussies frequently deal with slow speeds, throttling and lower video resolution while streaming.

Who this guide is for:
This article will show you the benefits of using a VPN for torrenting & streaming from Australia and how to pick the right service (hint: choose one that respects privacy).

You’ll also learn how to set everything up for easy access to your favorite content.

Why use a VPN?

Internet users worldwide (and especially Australia) are flocking to VPNs for 2 reasons:

  1. Privacy: Keep what you do online private from prying eyes (including your internet/wireless provider.
  2. Access: By connecting through VPN servers located in different countries, you can access and enjoy content that might be restricted in Australia. Examples include accessing Netflix’s global catalog (which is different in every country) or using blocked torrent websites.

Frequent torrent downloaders are very fond of VPNs, especially since 3rd-party trackers like I Know What You Download are monitoring and publishing peoples IP addresses and download history.

How to choose a VPN: what’s Important?

Here are the criteria we deem most important when choosing a VPN for Australia. And we factor in different use cases as well.

Here’s what you should care about:

  • Logging Policy – do they take your privacy seriously
  • Use-case/Features – does it perform the function you require
  • Speed – is it fast enough for quick downloads and HD streaming
  • Price – is it a good value

Your VPN will have full access to your non-https data stream, so you should care what kind of information they record about your internet usage and connection metadata.

Most premium VPN services won’t log the content of your sessions (files you download) but some do keep metadata logs that include your IP address history and data consumption.

If you’re going to be using the VPN for p2p/torrent privacy, you should always choose a true non-logging vpn.

Learn More: What VPNs log and why it matters

What do you want to use the VPN for? This will determine the functions you need.

Examples VPN uses include:

  • Secure torrenting
  • Unblocking geo-restricted content (Netflix’s USA library)
  • Streaming Sites / Kodi
  • General Privacy and Internet Security

Here are the features you should prioritize for each of these uses:

  • Torrents: no-logs, fast speeds, allows torrents
  • Unblocking: Works with Netflix, fast speeds
  • Kodi: no-logs, fast speeds, Firestick App
  • General Security: 256-bit encryption, no logs, extra features like malware prevention and dns-leak protection

VPNs add strong encryption to your web traffic and route it through a remote server (sometimes very far away). This can have a dramatic impact on your overall speeds, especially if the server is shared by thousands of other users.

While all Australians will be limited somewhat by the capacity of the undersea cables (regardless of VPN usage), you should still make sure your VPN provider isn’t the limiting factor.

Rules of thumbs for faster speeds:

  • Avoid ‘free’ VPN services (low-bandwidth, crowded servers)
  • Choose service known for speed: IPVanish, ExpressVPN, PIA
  • Use lighter 128-bit encryption (faster than 256-bit)

Price should be the last thing you consider, but it’s still important. Just make sure you’re satisfying the privacy and usage criteria first.

Because honestly, the difference between a cheap VPN and an expensive one is about $6 per month (or less).

VPNs ranked by use-case

The best VPNs for Torrenting in Australia

If you’re going to be downloading torrents at least semi-frequently, you definitely want a torrent-friendly provider (so you don’t risk getting your account banned).

All of these recommended VPNs are: Non-logging and specifically allow torrenting.

1. IPVanish

IPVanish claims to be the world's fastest VPN

Logging Policy: no logs | Speeds: fastest | Torrenting: allowed

IPVanish is consistently one of the fastest VPNs we’ve tested, especially on Australian servers. They’ve got a zero-log policy, included socks proxy, and excellent software for all majors OS’s (including FireTV/Firestick).

Australian server locations: IPVanish has 3 server locations in Oceania (2 in Australia, 1 in New Zealand).

Pricing: As low as $6.49/month (7-day refund policy)

2. Private Internet Access

Logging Policy: no logs | Speeds: fast | Torrenting: allowed

PIA is the #2 best VPN for torrenting in Australia

Private Internet Access is regarded as one of the most privacy-focused VPN providers, especially on reddit. More importantly, their logging policy (no logs) was validated in court against the FBI.

PIA’s speeds are not quite as fast as IPVanish’s on average, but still quite good (we’ve tested upwards of 100 mbps on nearby servers.

Australian Servers: PIA has a massive server cluster located in Melbourne, Australia.

Pricing: From $3.49/month (7-day refund policy)


Bittorrent is, and always has been, a fully legal technology. Bittorrent is simply an efficient method for sharing large files between multiple peers. Torrent technology is even used by massive companies such as Facebook, and Blizzard (creators of ‘World of Warcraft’).

Just like any powerful piece of technology, Bittorrent is legal, but can potentially be used for illegal purposes (i.e. the downloading of copyrighted material). The legality of specific torrent files, varies greatly based on the country you’re in, and some countries even allow the downloading of copyrighted files, or works of art for ‘personal use.’ 

Australia (like most developed nations) has strong intellectual property laws protecting the rights of content holders, so it isn’t legal to download any content that you don’t hold the rights to. Fortunately there are a bunch of places to find 100% legal torrents.

How to unblock torrent sites

In recent years, Australian ISPs have been pressured to block access to major Torrent indexing sites, including The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents (which recently shut down), Torrentz, ISOHunt and others. 

This pressure stems largely from the controversial Copyright Amendment Act of 2015. Specifically, section 115 allows Australia to prevent ‘Carriage Services’ (Internet Providers) from linking to or making content available from sites in other countries that may provide access to illegal content. 

This legislation will likely affect the torrent policies of all major Australian ISPs, including Telstra, iiNet, Optus, Spirit, Skymesh etc…
Update December 2016: It’s official, ISP-based blocking of many popular torrent sites (including the PirateBay) will likely be in place by January 1, 2017. Over 50 Australian internet providers will be co-operating in the nationwide site-blocking effort. 

Your ISP will likely use one/all of these technological blocking methods:

  • DNS Filtering
  • IP Address blocking/redirecting
  • URL-based blocking

Any of these methods can easily be defeated by: 

  1. Encrypting your traffic and…
  2. Using private DNS servers (included with high-quality VPN subscriptions).

Private Internet AccessNordVPN, and IPVanish are 3 excellent ‘zero-log’ VPN providers that will allow you to easily access any blocked site and download torrents anonymously

Torrent Throttling in Australia

Instead of outright blocking torrent sites (blocks can easily be circumvented with a simple web proxy, Tor, or VPN anyway) many ISPs may opt to throttle torrent traffic instead. 

Since your internet provider has complete access to your data stream (it all flows through their servers) they can easily see whether you’re using the bittorrent protocol, and slow your torrent traffic to a crawl.

Speed loss from torrent throttling can be dramatic, and some users have reported speeds below 100kbps (0.1Mbps) on high speed broadband connections. 

Fortunately, you can easily prevent torrent throttling by using a strong encryption service like a VPN (don’t worry, this article will show you how it works).


VPNs for Netflix / Kodi / Unblocking content

These VPNs are some of the few that have been able to circumvent the vpn-blocking technology of services like Netflix in Hulu. Cyberghost and NordVPN claim to unlock access to as many as 50 such services (though a subscription is still required).

1. Cyberghost

Cyberghost can unblock Netflix from Australia

FireTV app: Yes | Unblocked Services: Hulu, Netflix, Hbo, 50+ others

Cyberghost totally revamped their service last year, with a better UI, faster download speeds, new FireTV app, and great VPN software. Currently, Cyberghost can unblock more than 50 global streaming services. Priced at $2.75/month, it’s definitely the best value.

Australian servers: Cyberghost has servers located in both Australia and New Zealand

Best Offer from $2.75/month

Visit Website

30-day 100% refund guarantee

2. NordVPN

FireTV app: yes | Unblocked Services: Hulu, Netflix, BBC, 30+ others

NordVPN is a zero-log VPN service based out of Panama. Their able to unblock most US-based streaming services like Netflix/Hulu as well as a few European ones (BBC, Bein).

The one caveat is their unblocking technology only works on the desktop (Mac/Windows) or Mobile (iOS/Android) apps. It won’t work on the Firestick or if you use manual (non-app) configurations.

Visit Website

30-day 100% refund guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to add your own in the comments below:

Will using a VPN lower my internet speeds?

Yes, somewhat. This is less true if you’re connected to a server based in Australia. But if you’re connecting through a server 1000’s of kilometers away in the U.S. or Europe, you should expect some speed loss because of distance, packet-loss, and encryption overhead. 

How much should a VPN cost?

The price of a quality VPN service ranges from around $4/month (for a longer-term subscription) to $10-12/month if you choose a monthly renewal. 

What is the best free VPN for Australia?

Windscribe is probably the best free VPN service for Australians, and they allow up to 10GB of monthly transfer if you create an account using your email address. 

In general, we caution users about the downsides of using so-called ‘free’ services because of poor performance and privacy issues. 

Is using a VPN illegal in Australia?

VPN services are perfectly legal in Australia. It’s also legal to access geo-restricted content from outside Australia (such as Netflix or Spotify). 

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