Complete guide to Torrents in India

This guide will show you how to safely download torrents and unblock torrent sites from inside India. You will learn how to hide your IP address when torrenting, and encrypt your torrent traffic so you’re internet provider can’t see what you’re downloading.

You will learn:

  • Are torrents legal in India?
  • Anonymous Torrents vs. Non Anonymous
  • How to make your Torrents Anonymous (Encrypt your torrents and hide your true IP address)
  • How to Unblock Torrent Sites in India


Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is just my opinion, formed from various online sources. Do not treat this as legal advice and make sure to do your own research before acting on this information.

Torrents are NOT illegal in India
Bittorrent (or torrents) is just a file transfer protocol that allows users to share files in a very efficiently (fast). There is nothing illegal about the technology of BitTorrent in India. There are plenty of legal torrents online including. Torrenting gets a bad reputation because it is often (but not always) used to download copyrighted material. 

Downloading of copyrighted material (or uploading) is illegal in India (as in most countries). Each country has its own torrent laws, some are more relaxed. We do not recommend using bittorrent to download copyrighted material. 

There are many sources of completely legal torrent files. Here are some great resources:


Most torrent users prefer to hide their torrents. Other people/companies should not be able to see what you’re downloading online (this includes your internet provider). We believe privacy is a right. It is up to you to enforce your right to privacy.

What it means to download torrents anonymously:
In order to download torrents anonymously in India, you must hide your true IP address, and preferably also encrypt your uploads/downloads so your Internet Provider cannot monitor/log your downloads. Encryption will also prevent them from slowing your torrent downloads.

When you’re NOT anonymous…

  1. Your real IP address is visible to torrent peers and trackers
  2. Your identity can be traced from your torrent IP (or DHT)
  3. Your Internet Provider knows you download torrents
IP address shown in uTorrent (not anonymous)
Your real IP address is visible to torrent peers.

When you ARE anonymous:

  1. Torrent peers see a fake IP address (belonging to your VPN)
  2. Your identity can’t be easily traced from your (fake) torrent ip
  3. Your internet provider doesn’t know you’re torrenting (torrents are encrypted)
Anonymous IP address it torrent swarm
When using a VPN, peers will a ‘Fake’ IP address belonging to your VPN.

Get Protected: If you’re ready to take action, you can protect your torrents using one of our favorite torrent-friendly VPNs (Private Internet Access). With plans as low as $3.49/month it’s cheap (but still excellent!).

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Protect your Torrents with our #1 rated VPN


The safest (and easiest) way to hide your torrents in India is to use an anonymous VPN service. This will allow you to use their anonymous IP addresses as your own, and encrypt all your internet traffic (including torrents).

Not all VPN’s are good for torrents. Choose Wisely.
See our list of top-ranked VPN’s for torrents

Here’s how a VPN makes your torrents anonymous: Step-by-step

  1. Sign up for a torrent VPN service (like this one)
  2. Download the included VPN software
  3. Open the software, type login/password
  4. Choose a server location from the list (Some VPNs have servers in 50-100 countries)
  5. Click connect
  6. That’s it! The VPN will automatically encrypt your internet traffic, and assign you a new IP address

The Best VPN’s for Downloading Torrents should have:

  1. No Logs – This makes it impossible to trace your identity from the anonymous IP address
  2. Allow torrents – (many VPNs don’t really allow torrents. They will cancel your account)
  3. 256-bit+ Encryption – Military strength encryption. Internet Provider can’t read your web traffic
  4. Fast Speed/Unlimited Bandwidth – You want a VPN with fast speeds and no data cap

So with this in mind, here are our top VPN’s for torrents in India…


Private Internet Access is our #1-ranked  VPN for torrents, because they offer more features than any other VPN at that price point. PIA’s unlimited VPN package includes:

  • No logs privacy guarantee
  • Torrents Allowed
  • Proxy Service Included (compatible with uTorrentVuze, and More…)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fast speeds (capable of 50+ Mbps)

Special Offer: Get 2 years of PIA for only $3.49/month

IPVanish claims to be the fastest VPN provider in the world, and they performed extremely well in our IPVanish review and speedtest.

IPVanish owns their own Tier-1 (fastest) data network (most VPN’s don’t own their network). This allows IPVanish to deliver the fastest possible speeds at the lowest price. They have over 100 Gigabit+ servers around the world and subscribers get access to all of them. (1GBps = 1000Mbps. Now that’s FAST.)

IPVanish keeps No Logs. Non-logging VPN providers are rare (most keep logs) and offer much greater privacy and protection than regular VPN providers. Non-logging VPN’s are perfect for downloading torrents safely and anonymously.


Several of the most popular torrent sites in the world were blocked by India’s major internet providers along with 857 other websites (mostly related to pornography.) These torrent sites can easily be unblocked by using a VPN (and the porn sites too).

Sites are blocked by your internet provider in two ways:

  1. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) controls your DNS (Domain Name) Servers
  2. Your ISP can read your web traffic and filter certain sites

How a VPN Prevents Site Blocking in India:
A VPN encrypts all data sent to/from your computer to the VPN server. Even though this encrypted data flows through your Internet Provider’s network before reaching the VPN server, your ISP cannot read your traffic because of the military-grade encryption used by your VPN software. 

The VPN will also use private DNS servers (instead of your ISP’s DNS servers) to prevent them from seeing what websites you’re visiting.

The Result:
By using a VPN, it is virtually impossible for your Internet Provider (or government) to prevent you from accessing specific websites. 

As an added benefit, if the VPN has servers in multiple countries (and most do) you can unlock geo-restricted websites like USA Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC Online, streaming sports, and more…

Which VPN should you use for unblocking Torrents in India?
Though any VPN featured on this site will work to get around India’s website block, we recommend using IPVanish because they have over 100 server locations around the world, including several in India.

IPVanish has an extremely fast network that will let you take advantage of unblocked video and music streaming services like Hulu, Spotify, and Netflix so you can get the best Video quality, even though you’re connected to a VPN server on the other side of the world.


Once you’ve subscribed to one of our top recommended torrent VPN’s

Now you need to configure your torrent software for maximum privacy and security (utorrent, bittorrent, vuze, etc). This is important to make sure no private information like your true location or IP address is being leaked accidentally. 

Our guides will show you:

  • How to use a download torrents anonymously with a VPN
  • How to configure your torrent client to use a proxy server (to hide your IP address)
  • The best security settings for torrents
  • The pros/cons of encryption and how to use it for torrents

Here are the guides:

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