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Our Mission

We founded this site in 2013 with one mission.

To share the most effective privacy techniques with BitTorrent users worldwide.

And we’ve been incredibly successful in our pursuit of that goal. To date, we’ve helped more than 2.5 Million visitors achieve faster, safer torrent downloads.

Our Content

Our guides, tutorials and reviews combine nearly 20 years of filesharing and privacy expertise. Most of our content falls into 3 categories:

Our Team

This site is run by a small, dedicated team of BitTorrent advocates. Each of our writers has more than 15 years experience with BitTorrent and other filesharing technologies (dating all the way back to Napster). Our goal is to share advanced privacy techniques in a way that is clear and understandable for anyone, regardless of technical know-how.

Ryan McCarthy | Editor & Reviewer

Author: Ryan McCarthy

Ryan has been a fan of file-sharing technology since high school. Napster, Kazaa & Hotwire are old hat to him. But BitTorrent grabbed his interest in a big way around 2010, and he’s been a fan ever since.

The speeds, content availability and resilient network structure make BitTorrent an fascinating and durable protocol.

After discovering VPN technology (and it’s file-sharing applications) in 2011, the pursuit of torrent privacy became his mission. Now he shares his expertise with the rest of us through in-depth tutorials and unbiased reviews.

Favorite Torrent Client: Ryan was a die-hard Vuze user for years, but switched to QBitTorrent for it’s Open-Source code and lightweight, effortless performance.

David Barnes | Contributor

David discovered BitTorrent in college and was immediately hooked. He’s constantly exploring new tech (like Kodi) but still installs a torrent client on every device he owns.

When not writing for us (or torrenting for himself) David loves hiking, cycling and playing board games with friends. He once ate the Tophat from a Monopoly set mid-game (but swears it was justified).

Favorite Torrent Client: BitTorrent (uTorrent skin). He knows it’s lame but it’s served him well and he’s never felt the need to change.

How we make money

This site is 100% reader supported.

We don’t accept paid placements or sponsored posts. VPN companies cannot buy favorable reviews or rankings.

Instead, we independently review privacy tools that we use personally (mostly VPN services). We have an affiliate relationship with many of these VPN companies, and when you use our link to sign up we earn a small commission. It keeps our interests better aligned with our readers, and our goal is to recommend only the best services.

Some of the VPN’s we’re affiliate with:

  • BTGuard
  • IPVanish
  • NordVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • Torguard
  • VyprVPN

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